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Brandon Bing Foundation Presents: IMPACT

I Inspire M– Mentor P– Professional A– Achieve C– Community T– Together

(Class Topics Subject to Change)

Class #1 : Goal – Setting

Class #2 : Social Skills

Class #3 : Time Management

Class #4 : Finances
Class #5 : Nutrition
Class #6 : Fitness ✔ 

Class #7 : Leadership ✔

Class #8 : Teamwork ✔


An Informative Life Skills Program that teaches the valuable Skills Necessary to Navigate through life effectively. Expressed through Personal Experiences , Critical Thinking , and Group Activities.


” Knowledge is ubiquitous, constantly changing & growing exponentially. The structure of the education system should be adapting with those changes ; Ultimately teaching young scholars the tools and skills to navigate through life effectively . The information that our students are digesting and articulating should be beneficial to the growth of the student. Our school systems can often be repetitive, standardized test score driven and solely based on tradition. The curriculum should always include reading, writing and arithmetic in addition to everyday life skills. Life skills are skills that are necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life. In other words, the skills you need to make the most out of life.  Students  grades 3 – 9 are going through a pivotal time, are heavily influenced by their peers and even more by their surroundings. In addition to the traditional curriculum , a life skills program for this age group is perfect for the development and shaping of their futures.” – Brandon Bing 


Impact : An informative life skills program that teaches the valuable skills necessary to navigate through life effectively. Expressed through personal experiences , critical thinking , and group activities.

Goal: Provide students with the correct tool, skills and knowledge  to be become better  individuals in the real world.